Friday, 29 April 2011

What I have learn in this class

First of all, i would like to thanks to Madam Nurin for teaching us for the whole semester. In this class, I have learn about the important of advertising for a product. Without advertising, we can't promote the product to public. Besides of that, I also know the tools of advertising, which is printing media such as poster, banner, flyers and so on and electronic media such as video, audio and so on. Through this class, i have learn also how to do a proposal and sell it to clients. Between, I have gain the knowledge about marketing studies, I have know how to do a market survey, market segmentation and so on. At last, I would like say "Thank You" to our beloved lecturer, Madam Nurin..........^^

By Tieu Siak Kia (128558)

Thursday, 28 April 2011

My Personal Comment About Electronic Advertisement Subject

Based on, my personal comment about the electronic advertisement class taught by Puan Nurin really interesting subject it is because how a advertisement playing a important role especially in marketing product and services world. By this class, i able to understand about more about an advertisement and the assignment given by Puan Nurin, really useful because i does not only get gain about advertisement but also learn how to apply it through we doing good advertisement such as posture, flayers and also video advertisement for our client Rafatopstar to promote the Encera BB Cream. this is good opportunity to me because who given by Puan Nurin to me where i get learn how to Account Planner and what must Account Planner must to. Really Thank you to Puan Nurin and Rafatopstar client because give me good opportunity.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Rafatopstar product advertisement

We are doing analysis on this advertisement based on 5 element in creative pyramid where have attention, interest, credibility, desire and action. 
  1. Attention- slogan "Kesannya hanya dalam 1 minit" make customer or people take attention on this     advertisement. besides that, the picture on this advertisement let product talks to customer by indirectly with some evidence to grab the customer attention.
  2. Interest- according to above advertisement, interest is related to the products they showing such as product   BB cream (Baby cream), Shhmira and syampu tudung. there have variety of product let customer make a choice based on thier interest to use it. besides that, this advertisement not only for product, also for gain interest on become member of rafatopstar family through buy packing product. 
  3. Credibility- this advertisement separate three section. first section is the production promotion with some information of products. second section is he evidence by showing pictures and apart of scientifically prove through publish in newspaper. third is the business information where customer can become member of rafatopstar family. this is called credibility with good creative advertisement such as "2 in1" concept. the copywriter on this advertisement make good creative by using good words to play customer mind. the white space between this three section let to creativity advertisement. 
  4. Desire- this stage about the decision making by customer to buy the products. "the product talks to customers" until create the desire to customers to have the products. the desire come from the visual or picture showing in this advertisement so it make strength to this advertisement. 
  5. Action- the final stage is action by customers. Action is how the customer take the step to have the products? very simple if we see on this advertisement, they provided the website address such as and the mobile number. the customer can straight make a call to the person to the products and through the blogspot the customer can get more information about the products and can make order also.